Curbside Flowers - Oklahoma City

Curbside Flowers is the newest program for the Homeless Alliance! Many may be familiar with the Curbside Chronicle which helps Oklahomans take steps to get out of homelessness. Now the new shop is providing hope for the future one bouquet at a time. The flower shop is an extension of seasonal campaigns they have been doing the last few years. The shop is located at Northwest 5th and Classen and is fulfilling the many floral orders coming in. The shop is full of beautiful arrangements and plants and you can pick up in the store or order online. And they can even deliver. So when you purchase your next floral order from Curbside Flowers, you will not only get something beautiful but also make a lasting impact on the community!

522 N. Classen Blvd. Suite 100 Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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