Unique Confections - Norman

Unique Confections offers an array of handcrafted chocolates and other sweets that are available “over the counter” or as items prepared especially for all kinds of events or celebrations. Chef Andrew Marsh spent two years experimenting with and perfecting his own unique recipes for confections of all kinds, working in his home kitchen to produce new combinations of chocolates and herbs he grew in his own garden. Lemon mint chocolate, for example, offers a truly “unique” experience, as do his combinations of dark chocolates and coffee beans. And while Unique Confections offers a wide range of goodies, Andrew confesses that chocolate is his true love. For him, chocolates of all kinds, from very dark chocolates, to milk chocolate, to white chocolate, offer a medium that is art as well as food. He is always happy to stop to chat with you about the details or the science behind his chocolates or any of the items that are offered.

1100 E Constitution St #120 Norman, OK

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