Locations: Stillwater, Wewoka, Chickasha, Coweta, Claremore
Air Date 12.19.20

Celebrate the new year by participating in the very popular First Day Hikes at an Oklahoma State Park; enjoy the ever growing popularity of throwing axes for fun at Stilly Axe Pit in Stillwater; The Seminole Nation Museum in Wewoka tells the rich and vibrant history of Wewoka, the capital of the Seminole Nation, one of Oklahoma’s most historic and oldest cities; find a gift for babies, brides, birthdays and holidays at Perrefitte Home & Gifts in Chickasha; shop at Indigo Tie Dye in Coweta, and see the store’s selection of custom handmade shirts, sweatshirts or you can create your own design and the legendary Hammett House Restaurant in Claremore has been serving up delicious food since the early 60’s, but it’s definitely worth the drive to try their incredibly large, homemade pies!

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