Locations: Norman, Sulphur, Lawton, Springer, Bartlesville
Air Date 10.29.22

It’s a special Halloween edition we are calling Discover Ghostlahoma! The downtown Norman/OU Campus Ghost Tours  provide lots of chills and thrills; see what is now the elegant bed and breakfast called Flower Buff Manor in Sulphur yet hear about some of the strange occurrences there; the Rusty Nail Winery in Sulphur provides more than a wide selection of wines, but also a different kind of “spirits;” hear about the mysterious things happening in the Parallel Forest near Lawton; what are the strange forces at work on Magnetic Hill near Springer and why do cars roll uphill when they are turned off & Frank and Lola’s in Bartlesville is a popular dining destination yet the building housing the restaurant has a history of a few ghosts who just refuse to leave.

Stories in Episode