Locations: Sand Springs, Claremore, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Seminole
Air Date 01.01.22

Visit the very peaceful and beautiful Keystone State Park in Sand Springs; discover the largest privately owned arms museum which also conveys Oklahoma’s unique history at the J.M. Davis Arts & Historical Museum in Claremore; The Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center is not only hopes to attract world renowned artists, but it also functions as a multipurpose facility for classes, a dance studio and performing arts theater; Puopolo’s Italian Ice and Creamery in Tulsa serves up delicious gelato, strati’s and authentic Italian Ice, but also gives back generously to their community; if you love waffles, then you need to visit Waffle That in Tulsa and Catfish Round-Up in Seminole has been serving up wonderful food for close to 40 years, but they also have other customer favorites on the menu!

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