Hosted by: Dino Lalli and Lauren Nelson

Hosted by: Dino Lalli and Lauren Nelson

Hitch a ride with us each week to discover friendly folks, tucked-away attractions, roadside eateries, and grand adventures – from the extreme... to the serene – plus, insider tips for making your next Oklahoma get-away unforgettable!


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AIR DATE: June 17, 2017

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#1101 Locations: Claremore, Oklahoma City, Norman

This week, the wild west is alive & well in Claremore every weekend until November! Find out why! Experience the thrills of learning how to control your vehicle at OSU-OKC; enjoy the organic quesadillas and variations selections at OK’Sadilla in Oklahoma City; hear from the legendary Roy Clark talk about being inducted into the American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame and the famous Ozzie’s Diner, known for great food, fantastic specials and being located at the Max Westheimer Airport in Norman….Don't miss Discover Oklahoma every Saturday night on KFOR in OKC, KTUL in Tulsa and KSWO in Lawton at 6:30pm.


High Noon Wild West Shootout at JM Davis Museum

Rick Neighbors
(918) 636-6444
330 N J.M. Davis Blvd
Claremore 74017

The wild west is alive and well out in Claremore Oklahoma! And the best place to see an ole fashioned shootout is most certainly the J-M Davis Gun Museum. There’s a group of tri-state gunfighters and reenactors, all volunteers from northeast Oklahoma. And you can find them on the weekends at the JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum, April through November! 

OSU/OKC Precision Driving

Kandace Taylor
(405) 945-3208
900 N. Portland Ave
Oklahoma City 73107

Do you want to experience the most effective driver training tool available for learning how to control your vehicle? You can by attending the OSU-OKC Precision Driving Training Center. They try to cover the basics of the common problems and situations that they see every day. And then show people alternatives to not get into those situations. One of the most effective tools is not only do they talk about all this, but they put you in a car, on the road, so you can put into action the driving techniques required to make it out of an emergency situation or bad weather.


Charles Griffis
136 NW 13st
Oklahoma City 73103

For organic quesadillas served fresh, look no further than Ok'Sadilla in Oklahoma City. For lunch or dinner, decide between six prime choices made with high-quality ingredients. Order the barbecue chicken quesadilla, and bite into a savory blend of organic chicken mixed with sautéed house barbecue sauce, green and red bell peppers and onions, as well as mozzarella and blue cheeses. Give the cheeseburger quesadilla a try, and introduce your taste buds to grass-fed ground beef, baby spinach, diced tomatoes and onions, olive oil-based mayonnaise and sharp cheddar cheese.

American Banjo Museum Roy Clark Exhibit

Johnny Baier
(405) 604-2793
9 E Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City 73104

Hear the legendary Roy Clark talk about his new exhibit on display at the American Banjo Museum in downtown Oklahoma City, as well as being inducted into the American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame. 

Ozzie’s Diner

Derek VanNostrand
(405) 364-9835
1700 Lexington Ave
Norman 73069

Ozzie’s Diner has been called Norman’s best kept secret. But the fact is people travel from all over the state, as well as out of state to eat at one of the most affordable restaurants in this part of the country. Everything is cooked to order and everything is fresh from their incredible all you can eat breakfast specials to their home style lunch and dinner items. They also have a fun and very effective customer loyalty program! And their location is also fun as they are located at Max Westheimer Airport in Norman!